Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics

Sydenham College Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics is an institution based in Mumbai (formerly Bombay), affiliated with the University of Bombay, and offering courses in commerce and in undergraduate and post graduate diploma in management. The College's motto "Labor Omnia vincit" ( "Work conquers all things"). The college is administered by the Government of Maharshtra like other large public of Mumbai, Fort, namely the Institute for Science, Government Law College Elphinstone College.

Sydenham College, the first college of Commerce in Asia was established in 1913 and is named after the Governor of Bombay, Lord Sydenham of Combe, who has played a decisive role in the first degree, the Bachelor of Commerce, perhaps in Mumbai. The Sydenham College is the oldest institution awarding Commerce. Only in 1941, twenty-eight years after the creation of Sydenham, than any other institute began with lectures on the subject.

On the advice of five seventieth anniversary in 1988, the Indian postal stamp a commemorative design. In 1990, TIME Sydenham as the "Best Commerce College this side of Suez.

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