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Sophia College for Women overview

Profile College - General Info

1. All students are responsible for the president and the vice-heads of their behavior in college.

2. Course hours will be posted on the bulletin board at the beginning of the academic year. Students should take particular care to be punctual. They should note that all lectures regularly.

3. Students are required to wear their identity cards with them every day with pictures of their fixed thereafter. Identity cards without photo, signature and the stamp will not be valid.

4. Students of licenses, certificates, etc, and those who have signed a document or an application should contact the Office for (see table outdoor College Office for more details). No paper should be taken by students directly to the Director or Deputy Chief for signature.


An oasis of greenery in the heart of a congested metropolis, the College is well designed, spacious buildings around a central lawn, a garden terrace and herb garden. The main building, a heritage structure, is extended over the years in college, a library and audio-visual space.

The Faculty of Arts is located in the main, as president, vice-principal, dean of administrative offices, hotels, construction (multipurpose hall) and the chapel. Junior College conferences will be held in the main building and the extension wing.

The faculty of science in a separate building, Bhabha Institute of Science, and is equipped with state of the art laboratories, a common tool room, classrooms and a large auditorium. Junior College Science laboratories are located in this building.

The Sophia Center for Women and Development, Sophia JN Heredia Counseling Center and fully equipped audio-visual Hall located in the SOPHIA ANDERSSON ANNEX.

The festival of sport and gym located in the basement of the main


Sophia College offers an effective, well managed and clean accommodations approximately one hundred and five students from the city. The hostel is located on the first floor of the main floor and the rear of the extension. It is truly a home away from home, where each student receives personal attention and is encouraged not only to develop their academic skills, but also a balanced and careful. Participation in activities is planned so that students realize that learning goes beyond the university.

The purpose of the hostel is to create an atmosphere of enlightened education, encourage emotional growth stable in line with the goals and mission of the university. The hostel offers students the opportunity to meet peers from other regions and cultures.

The admission procedure hostel (for the academic year starting in June) began in February. Admission schedule is available from the office at the end of January. Seats are limited.

Union Committee

Students, composed of representatives of club officers, class representatives and co-opted members, led by student body president (SBP) are at Union College. The Union Constitution Committee Sophia College is available for consultation with the student dean. The C.U.C. is responsible for all activities of the student of the College. C.U.C. Members are trained in leadership skills and teamwork.

Visit the official site for more information http://www.sophiacollegemumbai.com

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