Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ramnarain Ruia College | RUIA College

Ramnarain Ruia College Mission

Emerge as a center of higher education and innovative research to meet the challenges of a global integration practices intellectual, emotional, physical and cultural students.

Ramnarain Ruia College Profile

The Ramnarain Ruia College of Arts & Sciences was founded in June 1937 he was the first school in Mumbai, starting with the Prasaraka Shikshan Mandali, Pune. This college is affiliated with the University of Mumbai and courses at the undergraduate and graduate studies (Master) level.

Today, Ruia College enjoys the reputation of one of the best higher education institutions in the country. Its excellent performance in the field of curriculum and co-operations has significantly improved its prestige and has provided substantial financial assistance from the University Grants Commission, the CSIR and many other equally reputed bodies.

Ruia alumni of a galaxy of personalities from various backgrounds. Cite a few names: Professor Ram Joshi, Dr K. Kasturirangan, Mr. Dilip Chitre, VP Tipnis Justice, Justice Hemant Gokhale, Dr. Prafulla Desai, Dr. K. Ramamoorthy, Dr Ajit Phadke, MPK Dhamdhere, Mr. Nandu Natekar, Mr Ajit Wadekar, Ms. Shruti Sadolikar, Ms. Ashwini Bhide, Ms. Swati Chitnis, Dr Snehalata Deshmukh, Mr. Sandeep Patil, Mr. RH Mendonça, MP Narayanswamy and Mr Manohar Joshi. Ruia College has always been one of the best members of the academic community on its staff.

Ramnarain Ruia College of Arts & Science is a leading institute is to contribute to human progress by molding brilliant, creative, committed and care of students who are doing their alma mater proud in different corners of the world and in the various spheres of human activity.

Since 1937, the house of learning has offered its students an excellent infrastructure, with competent and dedicated teachers who seek a development of each student.

In the context of the changing global context, the institute has been to all his students to the state of the art facilities, and create courses to meet the requirements of the time.

Besides the college regularly organizes many extra-curricular activities for the hidden talents of students in the form of artistic expression itself.

Above all, as the College is fulfilling its social responsibility by providing the physical and socio-economically disadvantaged.

In the coming years Ramnarain Ruia College will continue to have an advantage in the field of education as it moves more.


Ramnarain Ruia College,
L. Nappo Road, Matunga



Visit the official site http://www.ruiacollege.edu/

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