Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rajni Bharti - Model Arrested for forcing teen maid in prostitution

The Versova police have booked a small time model for forcing his 17-year-old girl to attract customers at different locations in Mumbai,

Pune and Surat. No arrest has not been sent.

The suspect, Rajni Bharti claimed to have acted in television. A resident of Delhi, she lives with her husband and two children in Yari Road.

"The victim had worked for Bharti's aunt than a decade. She asked the victim to join Bharti when she was pregnant with her second child in 2007,''said one official.

The abuse began two months after the girl began working for the family. "When his aunt had left the island for Madhi and Bharti man has also been reported, the victim was a soda crashed with sedatives. The girl sounded and felt asleep. The next morning, she realized she was raped when she found blood stains on her dress. They reminded see a stranger in her room. When confronted, the man identified as Bharti Nandu and admitted accepting Rs to 50.000. They threatened the girl against the disclosure of the incident for everybody,''said an officer.

In the coming months, Bharti continued operation of the victim to recruit customers at various locations in Mumbai.

In January this year, Bharti victim to Pune, under the pretext of ga for filming. For seven days, the girl was forced to recruit customers on a shelf. On one occasion, Bharti took her to a hotel in Pune. A police raid of the hotel that evening and the victim was arrested with three other girls.

The next day, Bharti came to court with a lawyer and paid the amount of the bond victim. She returned to Mumbai.

"On 8 May Bharti and the victim left for Surat. After eight soliciting customers on the initiative of Bharat, the victim was ill. But Bharti refused to accept his condition and decided to send two employees with Ahmedabad. night of May 18, the group, including Bharti, waiting at the train station in Surat Travel to Ahmedabad. The victim managed to escape and return to Mumbai by another train,''said an officer.

The victim then has the confidence in her aunt, who immediately Bharti man. He expressed shock and claimed ignorance. He accompanied the two women to a police complaint of rape, the sale of minors for prostitution and intimidation against criminals Bharti, Bharat and Nandu.

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