Wednesday, June 17, 2009

About Bikaner University and Results 2009

Maharaja Ganga Singh, Bikaner University Genesis & Present

The creation of Maharaja Ganga Singh, Bikaner University marks a milestone in the evolution of higher education in Rajasthan, the area-wise largest state of India. Higher education, modern universities developed and implemented for the good of mankind, is universal, but it is now increasingly realized that the priority should be finding solutions for the territory in which it is located. The Maharaja Ganga Singh University will seek, through education, research and extension in order to achieve a better understanding of the region in which it is located in a region very different from almost all other regions in India and abroad.

The UOB(University of Bikaner) Official site Results Page:

The UOB is created in a different ecological exposure is not constant on a scale comparable to the rest of India, or even the rest of the world, where several large deserts, but not the kind of life in arid countries such as the Thar desert in north-eastern tip is UOB.

After approval by the Honorable Governor of Rajasthan, the university is established under the University Maharaja Ganga Singh, Law, 2003 which was notified in the Gazette of 7 June 2003.This Rajasthan termination of the status of territorial jurisdiction and linking 69 colleges located in the districts of Churu, Sriganganagar, Hanumangarh and Bikaner. As a result, 92,444 students were enrolled and examined in the various faculties of the University in 2004 for bachelor, master and a number of courses for a diploma. Even more students were recorded and reviewed during the year 2005.

The Rajasthan government has obtained a piece of land admeasuring 1127.07 bighas in the village Shrah Nathania is located about 2 kilometers from the Kirt exits from the city of Bikaner is the university whose construction should begin soon.

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