Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Inkless Printers from ZINK (Zero Ink)

After years of gestation, Zink Imaging finally its printers without ink in the U.S. market this Sunday with the launch of the Polaroid Pogo in Best Buy stores.

Zink, whose name means "zero ink", spoke of its innovative technology for some time. The principle excludes chemical dyes in the paper. It passes the paper through a heater, which melts the paint in the right places to create images on a sheet of paper.

The profit on the cost of removing the liquid ink is that it allows the creation of portable printers zinc for things like camera phones if you do not have to worry about spreading the ink. The Bedford, Massachusetts, company spun Polaroid years. But Polaroid was the first licensee for a printer of zinc on the market. The Polaroid Pogo is on sale July 6 in Best Buy and July 20 in Target stores. The device is already on sale in parts of Europe.

The Pogo is a pocket-sized digital photo printer that can by the 2-inch 3-inch sent from a Bluetooth mobile phones and PictBridge-compatible digital cameras. Zinc is a wide range of other types of printers. While its licensees devices, Zink hopes to make money from the sale of paper. Zink bought a Konica Minolta plant in North Carolina to the laying of paper and $ 25 million in 2007.

Investors were the Petters Group. The company unveiled its product for the first time at DEMO in January 2007.

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