Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shiney Ahuja says I had sex with my maid with mutual agreement

Shiney Ahuja has finally admitted to a physical relationship with her room. The actor, who in custody until June 18, was arrested Sunday on charges of alleged rape of her home.

However, in his statement to police, the actor said he is surrounded by accusations of rape. Explaining the situation, Ahuja said: "No, I did not rape ... We had sex, but it was consensual. "

Shiney was tearful throughout the interview and not break several times.

Meanwhile, the girl filed a complaint against the police in Ahuja Oshiwara Andheri (West) yesterday, police alleged in his complaint, "In the afternoon, when I was alone in the house, and was Shiney forced on me. I tried to push gesnoerd him, but his mouth and raped me. He threatened me with consequences and told me that not everyone is in the loop. J 'I then to my family later in the evening ... My uncle took me to the police station to lodge a complaint. "

Shiney stopping shock waves throughout the film fraternity and not many people come to discuss the question in the open air.

Shiney woman Anu Ahuja, who remains out of their daughter, said: "This is a man of character and the family remains in him."

Shiney Ahuja Excerpts from the statement to the police:

Q: Do you know the girl?
A: Yes, she is my daughter

Q: For how long?
A: One and a half, Monday, my ex-wife obtained her room Sangeeta temporarily. My chef Mohan and his wife this

Q: Where were you yesterday afternoon?
A: Home

Q: Were you there when they are at work?
A: Yes, I was

Q: The girl was raped you
A: No, I do not. I framed

Q: The girl says she died 12 hours and about 3 hours, you dragged out the transition from the room and raped her ...
A: No, I did not rape ... We had sex, but it was consensus (by mutual agreement)

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