Thursday, July 9, 2009

NIOS Results announced

National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) said the results for class X and class XII in April 2009 Research in this week.Class X results will be declared on 12.6.09 and Class XII results will be declared on 9.6. 09

These results can be checked on Nios Website --

Direct link to the results:

Results by SMS:

For the class X - Type - NIOS10 and send it to one of the following No
The numbers are 5676750, 52424, 58888, 56263

For Class XII - Type - NIOS12 and send it to one of the following No
The numbers are 5676750, 52424, 58888, 56263

nois notification
"nois notification"
[nois notification]
nois admission
"nois admission"
[nois admission]
nois entrance
"nois entrance"
[nois entrance]
nois rank
"nois rank"
[nois rank]
nois application
"nois application"
[nois application]
nois online
"nois online"
[nois online]
nois download
"nois download"
[nois download]
nois results
"nois results"
[nois results]
nois studies
"nois studies"
[nois studies]
nois courses
"nois courses"
[nois courses]
nois review
"nois review"
[nois review]
nois teaching
"nois teaching"
[nois teaching]
nois classes
"nois classes"
[nois classes]
nois administration
"nois administration"
[nois administration]
nois placement
"nois placement"
[nois placement]
nois academic calender
"nois academic calender"
[nois academic calender]
nois Scholarships
"nois Scholarships"
[nois Scholarships]
nois Canteen Principal
"nois Canteen Principal"
[nois Canteen Principal]
nois Campus
"nois Campus"
[nois Campus]
nois Fee structure
"nois Fee structure"
[nois Fee structure]
nois Endowments
"nois Endowments"
[nois Endowments]
nois online admission
"nois online admission"
[nois online admission]
open school notification
"open school notification"
[open school notification]
open school admission
"open school admission"
[open school admission]
open school entrance
"open school entrance"
[open school entrance]
open school rank
"open school rank"
[open school rank]
open school application
"open school application"
[open school application]
open school online
"open school online"
[open school online]
open school download
"open school download"
[open school download]
open school results
"open school results"
[open school results]
open school studies
"open school studies"
[open school studies]
open school courses
"open school courses"
[open school courses]
open school review
"open school review"
[open school review]
open school teaching
"open school teaching"
[open school teaching]
open school classes
"open school classes"
[open school classes]
open school administration
"open school administration"
[open school administration]
open school placement
"open school placement"
[open school placement]
open school academic calender
"open school academic calender"
[open school academic calender]
open school Scholarships
"open school Scholarships"
[open school Scholarships]
open school Canteen Principal
"open school Canteen Principal"
[open school Canteen Principal]
open school Campus
"open school Campus"
[open school Campus]
open school Fee structure
"open school Fee structure"
[open school Fee structure]
open school Endowments
"open school Endowments"
[open school Endowments]
open school online admission
"open school online admission"
[open school online admission]
national open school notification
"national open school notification"
[national open school notification]
national open school admission
"national open school admission"
[national open school admission]
national open school entrance
"national open school entrance"
[national open school entrance]
national open school rank
"national open school rank"
[national open school rank]
national open school application
"national open school application"
[national open school application]
national open school online
"national open school online"
[national open school online]
national open school download
"national open school download"
[national open school download]
national open school results
"national open school results"
[national open school results]
national open school studies
"national open school studies"
[national open school studies]
national open school courses
"national open school courses"
[national open school courses]
national open school review
"national open school review"
[national open school review]
national open school teaching
"national open school teaching"
[national open school teaching]
national open school classes
"national open school classes"
[national open school classes]
national open school administration
"national open school administration"
[national open school administration]
national open school placement
"national open school placement"
[national open school placement]
national open school academic calender
"national open school academic calender"
[national open school academic calender]
national open school Scholarships
"national open school Scholarships"
[national open school Scholarships]
national open school Canteen Principal
"national open school Canteen Principal"
[national open school Canteen Principal]
national open school Campus
"national open school Campus"
[national open school Campus]
national open school Fee structure
"national open school Fee structure"
[national open school Fee structure]
national open school Endowments
"national open school Endowments"
[national open school Endowments]
national open school online admission
"national open school online admission"
[national open school online admission]
tnou notification
"tnou notification"
[tnou notification]
tnou admission
"tnou admission"
[tnou admission]
tnou entrance
"tnou entrance"
[tnou entrance]
tnou rank
"tnou rank"
[tnou rank]
tnou application
"tnou application"
[tnou application]
tnou online
"tnou online"
[tnou online]
tnou download
"tnou download"
[tnou download]
tnou results
"tnou results"
[tnou results]
tnou studies
"tnou studies"
[tnou studies]
tnou courses
"tnou courses"
[tnou courses]
tnou review
"tnou review"
[tnou review]
tnou teaching
"tnou teaching"
[tnou teaching]
tnou classes
"tnou classes"
[tnou classes]
tnou administration
"tnou administration"
[tnou administration]
tnou placement
"tnou placement"
[tnou placement]
tnou academic calender
"tnou academic calender"
[tnou academic calender]
tnou Scholarships
"tnou Scholarships"
[tnou Scholarships]
tnou Canteen Principal
"tnou Canteen Principal"
[tnou Canteen Principal]
tnou Campus
"tnou Campus"
[tnou Campus]
tnou Fee structure
"tnou Fee structure"
[tnou Fee structure]
tnou Endowments
"tnou Endowments"
[tnou Endowments]
tnou online admission
"tnou online admission"
[tnou online admission]
valu notification
"valu notification"
[valu notification]
valu admission
"valu admission"
[valu admission]
valu entrance
"valu entrance"
[valu entrance]
valu rank
"valu rank"
[valu rank]
valu application
"valu application"
[valu application]
valu online
"valu online"
[valu online]
valu download
"valu download"
[valu download]
valu results
"valu results"
[valu results]
valu studies
"valu studies"
[valu studies]
valu courses
"valu courses"
[valu courses]
valu review
"valu review"
[valu review]
valu teaching
"valu teaching"
[valu teaching]
valu classes
"valu classes"
[valu classes]
valu administration
"valu administration"
[valu administration]
valu placement
"valu placement"
[valu placement]
valu academic calender
"valu academic calender"
[valu academic calender]
valu Scholarships
"valu Scholarships"
[valu Scholarships]
valu Canteen Principal
"valu Canteen Principal"
[valu Canteen Principal]
valu Campus
"valu Campus"
[valu Campus]
valu Fee structure
"valu Fee structure"
[valu Fee structure]
valu Endowments
"valu Endowments"
[valu Endowments]
valu online admission
"valu online admission"
[valu online admission]

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