Wednesday, July 15, 2009

MS Dhoni said Viru and I only know what was happened between us

MS Dhoni almost let the cat of the bag agonists in India after leaving the World T20. Having TOI contradicts previous reports of a rift between him and Virender Sehwag parade and the whole team in a show of unity, the captain again asked Sunday if any dressing-room "turbulence" has prompted the start of reversal.

Dhoni, while preaching the virtues of keeping secret locker room altercation, finally suggested that the difference of opinion has, in effect, to make room. "It's not like I'm holding a bottle ... and saying this is drink and drink. It is really upset vaccination before a tournament like this. If you have ups and players Sehwag Rahul Dravid, you can walk to them and say what happened. They are smart enough to understand what happened,''said Dhoni, going around in circles.

"Even if there was a fight between me and Sehwag, we both are in the best position to know what happened. We know what happens between us and that is really not worth it for the team. The dressing room atmosphere was really good, although we lost many games in this format. "

Admittedly, the discord between the two main players can affect the rest of the team? "If you take too seriously, most often, you can not play well. My teammates help in this regard. We joke about the incident and the pressure is released. I hope that this will not happen to future and there will be less pressure. "

By all accounts, examining the performance of India, it seems that if the team had the controversy seriously.

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