Friday, July 3, 2009

Delhi Public School DPS Boy was top in CBSE class 12 exam in Delhi

New Delhi: Delhi Public School (DPS) student Subhashish Bhadra 98 percent growth in its Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class 12 exams to the top of the Delhi region.

"Bhadra Subhashish Topper is the Delhi region," a CBSE official sources confirmed.

"I had not expected to top the region. I was expecting something around 95 percent. Yes, I am thrilled and Eilat," Bhadra, a student of DPS RK Reinhartshausen in Delhi, sources said over telephone from his Kolkata residence.

Bhadra and his family to Kolkata in December, after his father AK Bhadra Indian Navy left his work at a private company.

Bhadra was inundated by calls from his friends, relatives and journalists since Friday morning when the Class 12 CBSE declared its results for Delhi, Guwahati and Allahabad.

Previously there were reports that he had all-India Topper. But later it was confirmed that it topped the Delhi region.

Bhadra said: "I said that I tip my school and in the region."

He achieved a perfect 100 in mathematics, followed by 99 in economics, 98 in English and 95 in chemistry and physics.

"I did not study that much. I have serious preparation for the boards in early January, and I have to study for seven to eight hours a day. Previously, I was on the extra activities like music and talk," he said.

Bhadra credits his parents for his success.

"I am very grateful that my parents as they showed their confidence and trust in me. They are not forced me to study," said Bhadra, Confessing that he misses the fun and the parties I had with his friends back in Delhi.

What surprises is that his father valued Bhadra cent per cent marks in mathematics, a subject that I hated.

Bhadra father said: "In the midst of his preparation for the boards, we had to shift to Kolkata in December, because I have a job."

So the teenager was back in Delhi.

How he loves Bhadra economic plans to pursue it seriously as his older brother, who is doing his MBA from Mumbai, his father said.

He wants to pursue award Economics from Delhi University and is in two minds between Shri Ram College of Commerce and St. Stephens College.

Bhadra has a simple advice for other students. "Stick to your books on chemistry. It is very comprehensive and helpful. For the rest of the issues, trust yourself and give your best shot," he said.

So what are the plans for the celebrations. "We have no time to plan celebrations. He was constantly busy since the morning - the calls and besieged by the media for interviews. As I have whisker away from a TV studio to another, we are yet to decide how to celebrate, "Bhadra father said. IANS

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