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About Bhopal Barkatullah UNIVERSITY

Bhopal Barkatullah UNIVERSITY

The University formerly known as Bhopal University was established in 1970 in the capital of Madhya Pradesh. In 1988 it was renamed to the Barkatullah Vishwavidyalaya, living in the memory of great freedom fighter, Prof. Barkatullah belongs to Bhopal.

The university campus, covering an area of approx. 360 acres of land, is located on Jaipur-Jabalpur National Highway (NH-12) at a distance of about 3 km. From Habibganj Station. The University includes Administrative Block, Library Block, Life Sciences Block, Right Block, Block humanities, social sciences Block, Block Physics, Applied Geology Block, building Hostel, Guest House, the Institute of the open and distance education, a post office, a branch of the State Bank of India, the printing press, Faculty Club, the Institute of Building Management, Department of Pharmacy and the University Institute of Technology.

The territorial jurisdiction of the university extends to the eight districts of Bhopal, Sehore, Vidisha, Raise, Hoshangabad, Harda, Betul and Rajgrah. There are over one hundred and seventy colleges affiliated to the University. There is a Engineering college two colleges of education, a technical training institute for teachers, Ayurvedic medicine, unanimity, physiotherapy and homeopathic college affiliated to this university.

The University covers almost the entire spectrum of higher education, offering courses in its affiliated institutes and departments of education in the faculties of Arts, Social sciences, life sciences, home science , medicine, commerce and business management, law, engineering, education and technical education. The Chakravarty Rajagopalachari Institute of Management (CRIM) provides full-time training in business management and the Institute of open and distance learning, the only institute of its kind in the state, provides education and training for a degree by correspondence.

The main emphasis of training in university departments of education and research. This teaching half yearly monitoring departments of education and research, and provide for these postgraduate courses, which are generally not a grant to a Center for Women's Studies in the Department of Sociology and the 'special assistance for the services of Microbiology and Physics under the SAP and COSIST.

The university is as follows: cells or units for specific activities in their respective fields:

Information and guidance EMPLOYMENT AGENCY

The hostel

Three boys and a girl from the hostel are located on campus. Application forms for admission to the hostel are available. Students in May with the Chief Warden of the hostel boys Dr Gyanendra Gautam, Department of Sociology and Dr Sangeeta Girls Hostel Warden Gundecha Language Department.


The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. India is the sponsor S. NS It is based on volunteerism and social services focusing on personal development through community service. NSS volunteers undertake activities such as the literacy campaign, health and vaccination, the environment, planting trees, contributing to the NSS Book Bank, etc. For more information, please contact the Professor LN Parashar, Program Coordinator NSS.

Office of the Dean's Welfare STUDENT (S W D)

DSW is the agent responsible for the help and support students to enable them to obtain information on their behalf and with the university authorities. It is the interface of university students. It is useful in promoting cultural, economic and social life of students on campus. Currently, Dr. Kalika Yadav is DSW.

Center for social welfare students

The purpose of this center is to provide facilities and information for students, such as canteen, STD telephone, photocopy prospectus syllabus, admission forms question paper results, etc. The center is located opposite the Bank State of India, the Directorate General at the university.

Psychological CENTER

The Department of Psychology is in progress since 1990, the center 91session. The center offers a range of aid to the student and other ions to resolve their personal problems. Center stage, a consultant is available for consultation every Saturday from 11 AM to 1PM.


The university has its own transport infrastructure. It carries its employees between the campus and the city.


The university has a minority coaching and guidance of cells coaching for students of minority communities in various competitions. Dr. Tariq Zafar is Director, Minority Cell.


The Center was founded in 1990. It is equipped with AST Manhattan Server, Unix server IBM RS6000, Motorola 68030 machines and a number of smart nodes under LAN environment. The center provides computing and data processing at the university and educational services. It is headed by Mr. Sanjay Gulati (charge)


The library was founded in 1972 at Gandhi Bhawan in 1979 and was moved to the Campus. Currently, the library with 71,259 books, 5703 thesis Sanskrit SMS and 60 by Shri Narayan Joshi.It Ish has a collection of rare books on the Bio-Science, Microbiology, linguistic and economic sociology. Most references and rare books of sociology, worth nearly Rs 5Laks are given by former Vice-Chancellor Prof. IS Chouhan. It has about 80 borrowers. The library has an inter-library loan facility of lending of books / theis to and from other university libraries. Head is Prof. Dr. Arvind Chouhan and Asst. Librarian is Dr. Ashok Aedlabadkar.

University Press

The press was founded in the year 1981 with financial support from UGC and State Govt. The press is to function as a service to the university and works on a "no profit no loss" basis ..



Dr. Niraj Gour (charge)

The University of Science Instrument Center is located at the University of the large central facilities and services for equipment maintenance at the university. It has a mechanical workshop equipped. Studio glass and electronics are located in the premises. Facilities are available for local institutions. Instrumentation training for teachers, students, research technicians, etc. it is proposed that in the near future.


Lovers of the need of the hour is "peace" - to live and let live. "The way to achieve this lies in the determination of the sublime principles of Buddhism, which are for the welfare of many and the happiness of many.

Looks at the importance that Buddhism, the University Grants Commission, New Delhi has recently approved the proposal to establish a center at the university, which was inaugurated by His Excellency, the Governor of Madhya Pradesh in central 29-03-2006 already held two successful days National Seminar on Buddhism, 29-30 March 2006. The center is committed to achieving the following objectives:

For the implementation of education, research and publication related to Buddhism

To organize seminars, workshops on Buddhism

To popularize the Buddhist philosophy and the agenda of peace in society

To meet the challenges of conflict, intolerance, violence and individualism

In order to promote nationalism and the sense of us

Center for Buddhist Studies conducted under the supervision of Dr. KB Panda, Professor and Head, Department of Language and Comparative Culture.

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