Saturday, July 11, 2009

Raju judicial custody and others extended till June 24th

The judicial custody of former President of Satyam Computer B Ramalinga Raju judicial custody, while others extended till June 24

Raju has been extended by two weeks in the multi-crore fraud in the accounting environment.

The XIV Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate extended the detention of 14 days until June 24 Raju, after their remand ended on Wednesday.

The detention of the former Satyam MD Rama Raju and former CFO V Srinivas, former auditor of Price Waterhouse Gopalakrishnan Srinivas S and T and three former employees of Satyam is also extended to June 24.

While the three Satyam Computer Services Ltd (SCSL) employees - the former Vice-President (Finance) G Ramakrishna and former managers (Finance) D Venkatapathi Raju and Ch Srisailam - were from the prison to the court, brothers Raju, Srinivas V and the former auditors are not as they were interrogated by the Directorate of Enforcement prison Chanchalguda Hyderabad.

Another suspect in the case Surya Narayana Raju, who is a member of an early release on bail, also appeared before the court proceedings, the CBI counsel said.

Meanwhile, seven teams of the Directorate for implementation were the statements of Ramalinga Raju and others in the prison after the court allowed the agency to ask them to eight days from June 9-16 June a senior prison official said.

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