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Pearl Academy of Fashion

About Pearl Academy of Fashion

Pearl Academy is an institute of fashion avant-garde technological dynamic quality of education in vogue for over a decade. PAF is formed by the Little People Education Society, a society registered under the Act registering the company in 1860 and promoted by the House of Pearl Fashions Ltd, one of India's largest exporter of houses.

Our goal is to train professionals in a wide range of cognitive and intellectual skills, planned for development on a wide range of learning experiences.

The Academy has a very high reputation among agencies employability and a high status as India's most prestigious provider of education and training for the fashion and related industries. A number of former PAF are in key positions in industry around the world. The Academy is proud of its faculty of the highest caliber, outstanding performance in student exchanges, international networks and placement.

The Academy was able to grow over the last decade, mainly on the basis of his training of faculty members who have extensive experience in industry and in research and development. As one of the best institutions of fashion technology, our education is supported by the latest machinery, equipment and facilities. In addition to this action and our activities are closely related to some of the best institutions in the world and industry.

The Academy is not only national and international reputation for its exceptional quality of an industry focused on the state of the art training center, but is the first fashion institute in India to be ISO-certified 9001: 2000. Certification ISO-9001: 2000 reflects the implementation of standards and global systems such as quality, quality, quality assessment procedures and mechanisms for continuous improvement in the Academy.

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Various Under-Graduate courses offered by Pearl are as follows
Under-Graduate Programmes Duration
(Terms / Semesters)*
Eligibility No. of Seats
Fashion Design (FD) 4 Years
(8 Semester)
with min.
50% marks
60 (Delhi)
60 (Jaipur)
60 (Chennai)
Textile Design (TD) 4 Years
(8 Semester)
with min.
50% marks
30 (Delhi)
30 (Jaipur)
Jewellery Design (JD) 4 Years
(8 Semester)
with min.
50% marks
30 (Jaipur)
Communication Design (CD) 4 Years
(8 Semester)
with min.
50% marks
30 (Delhi)
Fashion Business Management[FBM] 4 Years
(8 Semester)
with min.
50% marks
30 (Delhi)
30 (Chennai)
Fashion Retail Management(FRM) 4 Years
(8 Semester)
with min.
50% marks
30 (Delhi)
Interior Architecture Design [IAD] 4 Years
(8 Semester)
with min.
50% marks
30 (Delhi)

The Admission / Courses 2009 information on the website is subject to change. Pearl Academy of Fashion reserves the right to delete / modify course name / course content as per the industry's requirements."

Pearl Academy of Fashion Results 2009
"Pearl Academy of Fashion Results 2009"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion Results 2009]
Pearl Academy of Fashion notification
"Pearl Academy of Fashion notification"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion notification]
Pearl Academy of Fashion admission
"Pearl Academy of Fashion admission"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion admission]
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"Pearl Academy of Fashion entrance"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion entrance]
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"Pearl Academy of Fashion rank"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion rank]
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"Pearl Academy of Fashion application"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion application]
Pearl Academy of Fashion online
"Pearl Academy of Fashion online"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion online]
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"Pearl Academy of Fashion download"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion download]
Pearl Academy of Fashion results
"Pearl Academy of Fashion results"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion results]
Pearl Academy of Fashion studies
"Pearl Academy of Fashion studies"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion studies]
Pearl Academy of Fashion courses
"Pearl Academy of Fashion courses"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion courses]
Pearl Academy of Fashion review
"Pearl Academy of Fashion review"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion review]
Pearl Academy of Fashion teaching
"Pearl Academy of Fashion teaching"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion teaching]
Pearl Academy of Fashion classes
"Pearl Academy of Fashion classes"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion classes]
Pearl Academy of Fashion administration
"Pearl Academy of Fashion administration"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion administration]
Pearl Academy of Fashion placement
"Pearl Academy of Fashion placement"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion placement]
Pearl Academy of Fashion jobs
"Pearl Academy of Fashion jobs"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion jobs]
Pearl Academy of Fashion academic calender
"Pearl Academy of Fashion academic calender"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion academic calender]
Pearl Academy of Fashion Scholarships
"Pearl Academy of Fashion Scholarships"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion Scholarships]
Pearl Academy of Fashion Canteen
"Pearl Academy of Fashion Canteen"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion Canteen]
Pearl Academy of Fashion Principal
"Pearl Academy of Fashion Principal"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion Principal]
Pearl Academy of Fashion Campus
"Pearl Academy of Fashion Campus"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion Campus]
Pearl Academy of Fashion Fee structure
"Pearl Academy of Fashion Fee structure"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion Fee structure]
Pearl Academy of Fashion Endowments
"Pearl Academy of Fashion Endowments"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion Endowments]
Pearl Academy of Fashion online admission
"Pearl Academy of Fashion online admission"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion online admission]
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"Pearl Academy of Fashion hall ticket"
[Pearl Academy of Fashion hall ticket]
PearlAcademy of Fashion Results 2009
"PearlAcademy of Fashion Results 2009"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion Results 2009]
PearlAcademy of Fashion notification
"PearlAcademy of Fashion notification"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion notification]
PearlAcademy of Fashion admission
"PearlAcademy of Fashion admission"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion admission]
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"PearlAcademy of Fashion entrance"
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"PearlAcademy of Fashion rank"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion rank]
PearlAcademy of Fashion application
"PearlAcademy of Fashion application"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion application]
PearlAcademy of Fashion online
"PearlAcademy of Fashion online"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion online]
PearlAcademy of Fashion download
"PearlAcademy of Fashion download"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion download]
PearlAcademy of Fashion results
"PearlAcademy of Fashion results"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion results]
PearlAcademy of Fashion studies
"PearlAcademy of Fashion studies"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion studies]
PearlAcademy of Fashion courses
"PearlAcademy of Fashion courses"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion courses]
PearlAcademy of Fashion review
"PearlAcademy of Fashion review"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion review]
PearlAcademy of Fashion teaching
"PearlAcademy of Fashion teaching"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion teaching]
PearlAcademy of Fashion classes
"PearlAcademy of Fashion classes"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion classes]
PearlAcademy of Fashion administration
"PearlAcademy of Fashion administration"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion administration]
PearlAcademy of Fashion placement
"PearlAcademy of Fashion placement"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion placement]
PearlAcademy of Fashion jobs
"PearlAcademy of Fashion jobs"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion jobs]
PearlAcademy of Fashion academic calender
"PearlAcademy of Fashion academic calender"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion academic calender]
PearlAcademy of Fashion Scholarships
"PearlAcademy of Fashion Scholarships"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion Scholarships]
PearlAcademy of Fashion Canteen
"PearlAcademy of Fashion Canteen"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion Canteen]
PearlAcademy of Fashion Principal
"PearlAcademy of Fashion Principal"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion Principal]
PearlAcademy of Fashion Campus
"PearlAcademy of Fashion Campus"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion Campus]
PearlAcademy of Fashion Fee structure
"PearlAcademy of Fashion Fee structure"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion Fee structure]
PearlAcademy of Fashion Endowments
"PearlAcademy of Fashion Endowments"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion Endowments]
PearlAcademy of Fashion online admission
"PearlAcademy of Fashion online admission"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion online admission]
PearlAcademy of Fashion hall ticket
"PearlAcademy of Fashion hall ticket"
[PearlAcademy of Fashion hall ticket]
PearlAcademyFashion Results 2009
"PearlAcademyFashion Results 2009"
[PearlAcademyFashion Results 2009]
PearlAcademyFashion notification
"PearlAcademyFashion notification"
[PearlAcademyFashion notification]
PearlAcademyFashion admission
"PearlAcademyFashion admission"
[PearlAcademyFashion admission]
PearlAcademyFashion entrance
"PearlAcademyFashion entrance"
[PearlAcademyFashion entrance]
PearlAcademyFashion rank
"PearlAcademyFashion rank"
[PearlAcademyFashion rank]
PearlAcademyFashion application
"PearlAcademyFashion application"
[PearlAcademyFashion application]
PearlAcademyFashion online
"PearlAcademyFashion online"
[PearlAcademyFashion online]
PearlAcademyFashion download
"PearlAcademyFashion download"
[PearlAcademyFashion download]
PearlAcademyFashion results
"PearlAcademyFashion results"
[PearlAcademyFashion results]
PearlAcademyFashion studies
"PearlAcademyFashion studies"
[PearlAcademyFashion studies]
PearlAcademyFashion courses
"PearlAcademyFashion courses"
[PearlAcademyFashion courses]
PearlAcademyFashion review
"PearlAcademyFashion review"
[PearlAcademyFashion review]
PearlAcademyFashion teaching
"PearlAcademyFashion teaching"
[PearlAcademyFashion teaching]
PearlAcademyFashion classes
"PearlAcademyFashion classes"
[PearlAcademyFashion classes]
PearlAcademyFashion administration
"PearlAcademyFashion administration"
[PearlAcademyFashion administration]
PearlAcademyFashion placement
"PearlAcademyFashion placement"
[PearlAcademyFashion placement]
PearlAcademyFashion jobs
"PearlAcademyFashion jobs"
[PearlAcademyFashion jobs]
PearlAcademyFashion academic calender
"PearlAcademyFashion academic calender"
[PearlAcademyFashion academic calender]
PearlAcademyFashion Scholarships
"PearlAcademyFashion Scholarships"
[PearlAcademyFashion Scholarships]
PearlAcademyFashion Canteen
"PearlAcademyFashion Canteen"
[PearlAcademyFashion Canteen]
PearlAcademyFashion Principal
"PearlAcademyFashion Principal"
[PearlAcademyFashion Principal]
PearlAcademyFashion Campus
"PearlAcademyFashion Campus"
[PearlAcademyFashion Campus]
PearlAcademyFashion Fee structure
"PearlAcademyFashion Fee structure"
[PearlAcademyFashion Fee structure]
PearlAcademyFashion Endowments
"PearlAcademyFashion Endowments"
[PearlAcademyFashion Endowments]
PearlAcademyFashion online admission
"PearlAcademyFashion online admission"
[PearlAcademyFashion online admission]
PearlAcademyFashion hall ticket
"PearlAcademyFashion hall ticket"
[PearlAcademyFashion hall ticket]

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