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RMSI Overview and RMSI Pvt. Ltd - Trainee Jobs | RMSI Noida Jobs

The side of geospatial data and information technology, RMSI develops innovative solutions that integrate geographic information with business applications niche. RMSI success rests on its unmatched expertise, especially in natural disasters and climate change risk modeling, and the unique application of geospatial technologies. The company has acquired a reputation for high quality for the development of end-to-end solutions, time and budget. This is reflected in 75% of repeat customers worldwide in areas such as disaster management, insurance, agriculture and natural resources, land and property, government and multilateral financial institutions, telecommunications and utilities, among others.

RMSI is CMMI level 5 assessed and ISO 9001:2000 certified company. Using RMSI process level 5, the company has continuously improved its software across the organization processes and ensure sustainable benefits for its customers. Today RMSI resource base comprises over 900 software, data and technology specialists. The company is part of one of the largest companies in the United Kingdom, the Daily Mail and General Trust plc.

Recently published in the Great Place to Work (India) 2008 study, RMSI, the number one in all industrial sectors in India for the second consecutive year. The 2008 study of more than 250 companies in all sectors has been conducted by the Great Places to Work Institute, Inc, United States, in collaboration with The Economic Times.

RMSI also listed in IDC-Dataquest IT Best Employers study choices to five years in a row since 2003. In 2008, he was raised 2nd position.

RMSI Pvt. Ltd - Trainee Jobs

Job description:
- Type of main activity is the creation of reports on the quality of customer data and presentation in the form of predefined reports.
- The profile of the first assessment of the accuracy and completeness of customer data.

Skills required:
• Knowledge of systems SQL / Visual Basic
• Mastery of MS Office (Word, Excel, etc)
• Knowledge of MS Access and SQL
• A good team
• Good communication skills
• Must be a good interpersonal and analytical skills

Location: Noida

Desired Experience: 0-2 years

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