Monday, August 10, 2009

UPPSC recruitment of various positions

Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission
Announcement No. 2/2009-2010

Applications are invited for the following:

* The marketing of agricultural products and agriculture, trade Deptt. U.P.
o Asst. Agricultural Marketing Inspector / Asst. Methods Inspector classification (order): 04 posts
* U.P. Chikitsa Shiksha (Homeopathy) Deptt.
o Women Doctors: 18 posts
* Industry Deptt. U.P.
o Research-cum-nation against (lag): 02 posts
* Works Deptt. U.P.
o Senior (Grade II) / Vice Principal / Technical Officer: 38 posts
* Administrative Reforms Deptt, U.P.
o Inspector Offices: 04 posts
* Technical Deptt. U.P.:
o Main - (Govt / colleges girls): 01 Post
o Professor of Electrical Engineering: 03 posts
o Instructor Textile Chemistry: 01 Post
* Institute for Research Development and Training, UP
o Research Asst. (Electrical Engineering): 01 Post
o Research Asst. / Technical Asst. (Mechanical): 01 Post
* (Home Police) Part-9 (laboratory, UP):
o Senior Scientist Asst.: 01 Post
* Medical Education Deptt., U.P. (Allopathy) Lecturer:
o Anatomy: 16 posts
o Anesthesia: 07 posts
o Cardiology: 04 posts
o Dentistry: 05 Post
o E.N.T.: 06 posts
o Forensic Medicine: 07 posts
o General Medicine: 41 posts
o Neurology: 01 Post
o Microbiology: 04 Post
o OBS. and Gyne: 19 posts
Orthopedics o: 13 posts
o Pediatrics: 08 posts
o Pathology: 10 posts
o Pharmacy: 05 posts
o Ophthalomology: 07 posts
o Pharmacology: 02 posts
o Physiology: 10 posts
o Radiology: 15 posts
o Radio Therapy: 01 Post
o S.P.M.: 09 posts
o Skin and V.D.: 02 posts
o General Surgery: 37 posts
o Cardio-Thoracic Surgery: 01 Post
o Health Education: 01 Post
o Statistician: 02 posts
o Plastic Surgery: 01 Post
o Psychiatry: 01 Post
o T.B.: 02 posts
o Nephrology: 01 Post
o Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: 02 posts
* U.P. Chikitsa Shiksha (Ayurvedic) Deptt.
o Teacher Maulik Siddha and Sanhita (in Govt. Ayurveda Medical Colleges), gap: 04 posts
* Last Date: 07.08.09

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