Tuesday, August 4, 2009

DVC Damodar Valley Corporation

Power Generation

Entrusted with the responsibility to provide essential inputs for the industrial growth in the rich area of the Damodar Valley source, DVC is useful as a pioneer in using the technology available for the latest power supply in bulk at reasonable prices for major industries.

DVC has a leading role in the eastern region by setting itself to the challenges of time and technology over the last 59 years. DVC is the generation and transmission of power since 1953 and has managed not only to the needs of consumers, but also contributed to the increased demand for power, which is itself an index of development.

Joint Venture Project

MaiThon Power Limited is a joint venture with DVC and Tata Power was formed for the implementation of 1000 MW MaiThon Right Bank Thermal Power Project to meet the energy needs of power-deficient regions exports.

Bokaro Power Co Ltd (BPSCL) a joint venture between SAIL and DVC was established for the operation and maintenance of the internal electricity and steam generation, sold by the sail and its Bokaro Steel Plant and the provision of electricity and steam that Bokaro Steel Ltd

DVC EMTA COAL MINES, Ltd, a joint venture with Eastern trading of minerals and the Agency for the development and exploitation of coal mine captivity and block the supply of coal only DVC projects heat, 10th and 11th plan.


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