Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bihar School Examination Board management silent features

Bihar School Examination Board management (2000 - 2001) has important reforms in the functioning of the Board as follows

1. The law on working hours is strictly followed 10.15am to 5 pm by the officials and all employees of the Board. At random the attendance was created by the current administrator.

2. The labor force and structure of departments have been reorganized through the elimination of unnecessary parts.

3. Form of interrogation centers were made on the recommendation of the district administration was fully involved in the implementation of the review matrix. Council brigade visited several centers at random and took back against those involved in unfairmeans. Fines of more than Rs 30 lakhs have been completed and filed in the county treasury under the head of government.

4. The stern action taken against five dozen people who were indisciplined and not the pursuit of their mission.

5. A cell is created at the request of a rapid elimination of meter adjustments, such as error candidates in the name, father's license etc etc

6. The revenues of the board of directors is increased exceeded all records.

7. The costs are to a large extent by the occurrence of theft, embezzlement and abuse on the one hand and the use of old materials, but disorganized.

8. About two dozen forms, forms, etc. are eliminated and the instructions were brief, clear and easy to place unnecessary pounds.

9. The law on working hours is strictly followed 10.15am to 5 pm by the officials and all employees of the Board. At random the attendance was created by the current administrator.

10. A station for the completion of all cases pending verification (received from within and outside the State) was launched successfully.

11. A drive was launched to send the certificate to the winners through their schools. The certificate for 2001. There have already been sent to school within two months after the publication of results - a historical record.

12. Ours will insituted criminal police against those who (the Board of Directors and outside) have been the sight of false, identity theft, fraud, theft, illicit profits etc.

13. Political interference from various sides was chosen Successf

14. The security arrangements at the door and on the campus of the board, was strengthened by checking whether the anti-social.

15. Unfairmeans commission of inquiry has been recognized and senior retired officials are included in that of transparency, accountability and fairness.

16. For the evaluation of the answer books of a new method of secret code of these centers has been developed for the first time and therefore the countries and their "pairvikars" can not smell it.

17. The brigade of the manager and secretary of the evaluation visited some arrested and all the culprits. Thus, the mafia has broken. Previously, these checks are not made surprise. This time, many education mafia arrested and denied bail by the Hon'ble High Court, Patna.

18. For the first prepared under investigation could see their response after the deposit of £ 500 / = per paper. This installation was created by the 620 countries studied, and errors, if any, were promptly corrected. A total of 5000 test cases were terminated within two months, a sort of historical record.

19. A fixed timetable has been established for more discussion. activities.

20. For the first time the annual results are given and a half months after the completion of examinations. This was a record for all rooms, including CBSE / ICSE.

21. This time, most errors are corrected for the publication of results, so it is not. incomplete results have been considerably reduced and the overall success rate was also increased by 57% in 2000 to 76.6% in 2001.


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