Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jayam Ravi married Aarthi

Jayam Ravi, one of the leaders of young heroes of Kollywood is now "single status" today!

Buzz up!
He has tied the knot of the sacred today Mangalia Sweet Heart Sutra Aarthi Adayar Sheraton Park on Thursday 4 May in the early hours of the morning. The bride was dressed in golden Aarthi Kancheepuram Silk Saree.

Almost all Kollywood stars, producers and directors attended the well-blessed marriage and the couple.

Superstar Rajinikanth has come to the wedding hall in advance and blessed Jayam Ravi and Aarthi and presented gifts to them.

Kamal came to office after a few minutes and conveyed his greetings to the couple.

Other stars who graced the occasion were his wife and Jayaram Parvathy, Arjun, Sundar.C, Khushboo, Radharavi, MSBaskar, Abbas and his wife, Radhika Sarathkumar, Meena, Mohan, Shangavi, Sibi and wife, Manjula Vijakumar, Sridevi, Gayathiri Raghuram, Banu Chander, Dhusyanth, Vikram (Son Prabhu), S.Ve.Shekar actor and son Aswin Shekar.

Mny directors also decorates the oocassion as Venkat Prabhu, Amer (Jayam Ravi to direct the next film!), Jana Nathan, Kreedom Vijay, Hari, SPMuthuraman, Telugu director Muthailu Subbaiya, Shiva Subramaniam, Mugavari Durai and producers AGSkalapathy Agoram, SPBCharan, Ayngaran Arun Pandian, Ayngaran Vijaya Kumar, Rukmangathan, M. Muthuraman and T. Ramarao.

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