Saturday, August 1, 2009

About the Saraswat Bank

The Bank has a very modest beginning but a very inspiring. On 14 September 1918, The Saraswat Co-operative Banking Society "was created. Parulkar MJK was the first president, Mr. Thakur, NB, the First Vice-President, Mr PN Ward, the first secretary and Mr. Rajadhyaksha shivram Gopal, the first treasurer. These are people with deep and lasting ideals, beliefs, vision, optimism and entrepreneurial skills. These dedicated men in the cost of the company had a sense of service and merit have drunk in them. Even today, our honorable founders inspire a sense of admiration and respect of the bank and its shareholders.

The company was founded to help families in need. The objective was temporary housing for its members in cases such as weddings, according to family members, repayment of debts and costs of medical treatment, etc. The company was transformed into a city Co-operative Bank in the year 1933.

The Bank is the only distinction of a witness of history. The Bank, originally established in 1918, so closely in the wake of the Russian Revolution, also attended as a society and as a bank of the First World War, the Second World War, India Movement for freedom and glorious chapter in the post-independence India. During this cataclysmic cavalcade of history, the Bank as a financial institution and its members can not remain unaffected by the economic impact of major events. The two wars, especially those in their wake, paucities of all types and all the realities and stand by its members in distress as a solid bulwark of strength. The founding members and the last day, the Board of Directors of the Bank to show that the unshakeable belief in the destiny of man and the cooperative movement and they encouraged the shareholders to make, despite all the opportunities.

"To qualify as one of the largest and most preferred banks in the country by establishing high standards of professionalism and expertise in all areas of work!"

This sustained and untiring efforts of more than 25 years after its inception, the Bank has acquired a solid foundation in terms of membership, resources, assets and profits. In 1942, the Bank was for all banking needs of its customers.

During the late fifties, the Bank has grown stronger. The Bank has five branches in Mumbai and Pune and Belgaum. In its 50th year, the Bank has opted for a ground bee to symbolize the emblem of the Bank - an adequate characteristics and a bank that believed in work, the restoration of all things, a spirit team to achieve its objectives and a selfless service to its members and clients. The Bank in stature, made in the economic and social objectives and an ideal image of what the bank should be. Resultantly, in the years 1977-78, the Bank's gross income has exceeded Rs.3.00 crore mark for the first time.

For two decades, the Bank has experienced steady growth in the company. The bank has a network of 180 fully computerized branches of six countries. Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa and Delhi. The bank provides 24 - hour ATM service to 58 locations.

In 1988, the bank was in "planned" by the status of the Reserve Bank of India. The Bank is the first cooperative bank in Merchant Banking services.The Bank has received a permanent license for trading in foreign currencies in 1978 . Currently, the Bank's correspondent relationships in 45 countries with respect to 9 parts with over 125 banks.

Bank in 1992, completed 75 years. Celeberations Platinum Jubilee was inaugurated on 14 September 1992. Bank has also crossed the holding of EUR 700 crores

The beginning of the 21st century is a huge leap forward for the Bank. The Bank has chosen the path of organic / inorganic growth and our pace of growth accelerated. The Bank's operations account for about Rs 4000 Crore in 2000 almost tripled to EUR 15,295 Crore in 2007.

Bank of the year 2008 began with the initiative of the mark. The purpose of this exercise was to confirm the orientation of the Bank to its main values, which can be summarized as "feeling". The name of the Bank should always inspire the sense in all its stakeholders, the Bank continues to meet the changing needs and expectations of the customer with Gusto and unwavering self-knowledge.


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