Tuesday, May 12, 2009

India face first real challenge with West Indies

After a cake walk against the minnows in the league matches, India will be the first real challenge as they square against the West Indies in their opening match in Super Eight World Cup of Twenty20 Lord by Friday.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni and businesses have so far shown a solution by an undisturbed by the off-field controversy surrounding the team and participate in the defense of their Champions' tag by recording easy against Bangladesh and the 'Ireland in their Group A League.

But here the path is difficult for them to tread, especially after the opening of explosive Virender Sehwag, who can turn the tide in his team for its time, was excluded from the tournament due to a shoulder injury.

"It is good to be in the Super Eight. From now on, every game will be difficult," admitted Dhoni.

While Rohit Sharma fortune opener does its best to ensure that the team does not feel the absence of Sehwag, captain Dhoni is excited about the return of the form of its spearhead Zaheer Khan bowling, just time to recover from his shoulder injury.

Zaheer, with his 4.19 against Ireland on Wednesday, found his rhythm and that will certainly boost India bowling strength.

Dhoni was visibly relieved after seeing Zaheer also found the man of the match, get in the groove as quickly Trent Bridge.

"It's really good that he is back in form. He is back in the groove, swinging the ball and hitting the fields.

Our bowlers did really well with the new ball and spinners have done their job. I am happy with our bowling, "said Dhoni.

Dhoni used the warm-up matches and the matches to experiment before zeros at the end of combination and the strategy of most tournaments.

"We tried a number of things. I think we need to see what combination to play with us and decide that, "he says.

In Fielding Division, Indian captain wants his players to pull their socks success. "In the field, we do not have our best performance. We can certainly be better in the field. It's like 80-90 percent efficiency. I am demanding, but I know we can do. "

Dhoni seems justified in demanding a little like the West Indies appear to swear by the Twenty20 format, and we just enjoy hitting the blood to Australia.

West Indies captain Chris Gayle T20 includes complete, even at the cost of dayer or tests, and it is a philosophy that has been delayed due to any person for later.

Opener Gayle West Indies own "greatest strength, the best score of the tournament, the operators are present, the only drummer in the history of international T20 took a cent and a typhoon which, in May simmering attacks.

Gayle West Indies is a cornerstone, but there are some great strikers, supported by a limpet in both Shivnaraine Chander Paul.

Xavier Marshall, Ramnaresh Sarwan, Andre Fletcher, Dwayne Bravo, Kieron Pollard and Denesh Ramdin Wicketkeeper in succession and it is clear that it is a battle that the fear of God in any bowling line-up.

The bowling is also impressive in the objectives of Fidel Edwards and Jerome Taylor, who promptly or otherwise, a well-Yorkers are guided missiles and other Lifters with swing, often late, can wreck carnage on the opposition.

This is a line-up with theories to test Dhoni extreme. The Indian skipper would like to keep windows in hand to one end of the attack, but Edwards and Taylor are just the nature of the bowlers to test such a solution.

Dhoni also have match winning bowlers and four of its protagonists - Ishant and Zaheer, Harbhajan and Pragyan Ojha - the ball, but in a game against the destructive bat as Gayle, anything can happen.

The only weakness of the team Gayle is the inconsistent and spins and Flops of the Caribbean partners in recent years is almost infamous.

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