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Boni 2009 Telugu Movie Review

Boni 2009 Telugu Movie Review


DD (sumanth) and Chinna are orphans and childhood friends. Their goal in life is to create a "center Pulihora. DD enclosed a goon's (Jayaprakash Reddy) gang, it can easily get money for the pulihora center. At his first job, he was assigned to remove a Pragathi girl, the daughter of a minister of noble intentions. In fact, itself Pragathi hatches a plan to remove her boyfriend to question 4 crores to rescue his father farmer who lose their land. She believed that DD was removed with her boyfriend advice. Later, she knows the truth, but this time they will start him. Dan DD boss comes to him and ordered him to kill her. But he has flown. The rest of the story is finding the person who hatched the murder Pragathi.

Artists Performance:

Sumanth has made such orphan sources-rowdy characters in the past and it does role effort. Her boyfriend is irritating for the most part, it's very own role burned. Newcomer kriti is okay. Jayaprakash Reddy's role in the rows of Paresh Rawal in Kshani Kshanam. Comedy towards Satyam Rajesh and Naresh, Bablu and other poor. Chandra Mohan surprising portrait of participation "at ease. Movie Review

Technically the film is the camera of Andrew and the music director Ramana Gogula work is important. New Director Pippala Raj tried to film in new ways, but he was disappointed by his team of editors. The writing is poor, to say the least.

Try bonus track with the background of love, but failed miserably. Boni is not first to the producer and director. The film has attracted the patchwork scenario of long and unnecessary scenes and predictable humor.


Music director Ramana Gogula a producer Boni and outside production, it also provides the services of music, songs and picturisation creation and design (what that means). NRA director Raj Pippala a debut with this film. The director begins - a man kidnapping a girl who wants to be removed for reasons noble and during the episode, they begin to love each other - sounds good on paper. Unfortunately, the implementation, including the scenario, is that the film ends a patchwork Cockeyed one. The writing is small (both the screenplay and dialogues). Till interval, very few cases. In addition to the film and some good songs, the badly executed, badly written film leaves the viewer bored. And it is too long for such a scene of a kidnapping.

Is it Pulihora center (excluding Pulihora sale of the hotel) in Andhra Pradesh? Even if so, how much would it cost? Rs 7Lakhs? Hero in a mafia leader to get Rs 7 lakhs to set up a center pulihora is difficult to believe.

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